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     Promoter Resources!


    This page is for our paid promoters! It contains lots of photos you may use on any of your social media pages to help promote both the store & your discount code! This page will be updated fairly frequently with new content to use. You also may take screenshots of any page/product on the website itself to use. To use any of the photos on this page, just open the photo and save the image to your phone/computer or take a screenshot & crop the image! 


    If you own any of our products, You can of course also take your own pictures of them/modeling them to help you promote the shop/discount code! 

    But please do not use any of the promoter pictures on our Instagram of other people, we do not believe this would be fair on the other person as many people would be re-posting their content. 

    Please post our instagram link @ddlgworldofficial + our website link (ddlgworld.net) + your unique discount code in the description of any of the images you decide to post to your social media pages! When we receive a purchase using your discount code, we will send you 5% of that total order cost to your paypal within 24 - 48 hours!