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    Be A Paid Promoter!


    To apply send us an email at support@ddlgworld.net with the subject "PAID PROMOTER" & some details including your social media page + following! 

    Please note: Unless you have at least 15'000 followers, and we also agree to send something out; these positions do not come with free items! They are simply posting content provided by us (see our promoter resources page) on your social media page + your discount! 

    If you believe you reach these requirements and would like us to send something out for you to promote, please also include this in your e-mail and we will take a look at your page & assess whether we think your content is a great fit for us & post something out to you. 

    You can of course model our items if you have purchased anything from us which will give you extra content to use to stand out + promote your code to your followers! 

    Be A Promoter