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    DDLGWorld Shipping & Returns

    Due to the ever changing situation with COVID-19 / Coronavirus - many packages are being held up at customs around the globe. Many packages are also stuck at freight ports awaiting shipment as the number of flights are minimised or cancelled & the number of packages awaiting shipment increases. 

    We are constantly looking for workarounds & are now looking to change our shipping methods to enable faster shipping. This has also resulted in a huge increase in shipping costs - because of this we have had to introduce a minimum order spend of $60 to qualify for free shipping. 

    Unfortunately under the circumstances we cannot make promises of the typical 1-2 week delivery time-frame. We are finding that the majority of packages ARE being delivered within 3 weeks, in the event your package does not arrive within this period, please contact us at support@ddlgworld.net & we'll look into this right away for you.

    Please rest assured however that no matter what, you WILL receive your items. 

    We have also updated our shipping & returns policies due to this. We now cannot consider a package lost on route until it has been 8 weeks. 

    This means we are unable to process refunds for packages on route for less than 8 weeks because some packages will simply have been held up at ports or at customs. These should arrive eventually but with some delays. We have also extended our returns policy to 60 days after delivery. 

    Thank you so much for your patience & understanding.