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    Guide To Butt Plugs

    The Buttplug Guide: The Good, Bad & The Kinky

    Feel like taking a trip down anal avenue? Whether you’re a newbie to the butt-stuff or a seasoned anal-explorer, this article is for you. If done carefully, anal play is something that can be really pleasurable and exciting, whether used during masturbation or sex. But before you change your browser privacy settings and hunt down the plug of your dreams, there’s a few things you should consider.. Stainless Steel or Silicone? The age old question! Which material to go for depends on your preferences, both plugs are perfectly suitable for beginners. Tailplugs are another exciting way of introducing butt plugs into your sex life. They are extremely popular within the Petplay, DDLG & BDSM communities. They are typically made from faux fur & are styled on different animal tails as well as neko anime styles. Friction is not your friend. Lube is a necessity for anal play. Your anus doesn’t self-lubricate so you need to give it a little helping hand. You don’t have to purchase a top end lubricant but be sure to check out some reviews first and make an educated purchase. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your ability be to withstand a large butt plug. Sexual experimentation is fun, we know. But take it slowly!

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